Communications Audits

In what is often the first step of Tucker/Hall’s assessments of corporate communications, our consultants will conduct a communications audit of your company. These communications audits will comprehensively assess the efficiency with which members of your company communicate with each other, both within and between departments, and with customers and other stakeholders. In conducting these audits, our counselors will be able to see how your company is perceived by its target audiences, whether they are internal or external, and in turn come up with communication strategies that will increase effectiveness and efficiency.

The communications audits conducted will serve to uncover the strengths and weaknesses of how your company communicates. Internally, our communications audits will gauge the effectiveness of communication between employees and management and between different departments.  Externally, they will evaluate communication between employees and customers, between the company and the media, between the company and investors, and between the company and any pertinent legislative bodies that may have jurisdiction over some relevant aspect of the business.

Once these communication relationships have been assessed, and their existing successes and failures have been analyzed, we can begin to build a comprehensive plan for increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the internal and external communication channels for your business.

Our consultants will work closely with the CEOs and the senior communications managers to fully evaluate the efficiency and clarity of all communications within your company.  Once that evaluation and analysis are complete, we will proceed with next steps.  These next steps could include simply presenting the audit to your senior leadership team, or it could involve the implementation of a fully overhauled communications plan that may be executed by your communications staff, or Tucker/Hall counselors.

Regardless of whether your company will need only a communications audit or a full scale communications restructuring, our experts will be able to successfully assess the efficiency of how your company communicates.

If you have any questions about communications audits with Tucker/Hall, please contact Darren Richards at 813.228.0652, or via email at