Business to business transactions, commonly known as B2B, are quickly becoming one of the most important ways to grow your company, especially in the e-commerce sector.  B2B work is quite different from B2C, or business to consumer transactions:  Larger volumes of products are typically sold, the pricing tends to be relatively stable, delivery times are usually expedited times, and deferred payment systems are often arranged.

Like any piece of business, B2B relationships can be very sensitive.  All it takes is one or two negative experiences before a client leaves and hires a competitor.

Positive experiences on the other hand can have the opposite effect and lead to even more business.  Word of mouth is a key element of growing your B2B businesses — roughly 30 to 40 percent of B2B customers will offer referrals to other potential clients if their experience was a positive one.

How, can you ensure that your B2B clients have a positive experience?

Tucker/Hall can help you gather actionable data to present to current and future clients, as well as provide consultations on how your business’s communication strategies are helping our hurting your efforts.  While many B2B businesses are small, with relatively small customer bases, Tucker/Hall can help your business find solutions to grow your customer base, as well as your company as a whole.

With a Tucker/Hall team of consultants, your business will be able to more firmly establish a strong awareness among other business that would benefit from your company’s products or services. We will help you develop targeted strategies for attracting and establishing new B2B clients, create new and effective action plans and protocol for each new client your business takes on, and ensure that all communications are clear and effective. With these strategies, we will be able to make a significant difference in the perception and overall awareness of your company.

If you have any questions about B2B solutions and would like to know more about how Tucker/Hall can support your business with them, please contact Darren Richards at 813.228.0652, or via email at drichards@tuckerhall.com.