Your company’s situation is unique – and you should have a tailored strategy and approach that can help you accomplish your goals.

Tucker/Hall’s consultants will discern your unique situation and work closely with you to develop and implement your plan. When you work with Tucker/Hall, you benefit from our expertise covering all areas of communications, which means you can focus on growing your business.

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Strategic Planning

Corporate strategy is more than an exercise in developing five year plans and setting targets based on costs and resources. Research shows that most strategic planning activity has very little impact on organizational performance, and that the hundreds of hours spent updating plans every year are more for making managers feel they have a sense of control than actually creating resources for navigating very uncertain and ever-changing environments.

Based on research by the Harvard Business Review, here are some indicators that your organization is “stuck in the strategy comfort zone”:

  • You have a large corporate strategic planning group.
  • In addition to profit, your most important performance metrics are cost- and capabilities-based.
  • Strategy is presented to the board by your strategic planning staff.
  • Board members insist on proof that the strategy will succeed before approving it.
  • Your key metrics do not include customer satisfaction or market share.

We bring objective, external insight, feedback from your customers, intelligence about your competitors, and understanding of key technology and marketplace trends that can help your company focus on the most important goals and activities that will minimize risk and maximize success.  Real strategy involves discomfort and risk-taking, but we have experience helping some of the top brands make informed decisions and better understand their own unique “recipes for growth.”

Brand Management

Corporate identity development is not just designing a good logo. The process also requires imbuing the symbol with the values and attributes that will help it be effective in communicating with your customers, investors and employees. We’ve helped many clients develop their corporate identity and brand.

We’ve also helped invent new products, reposition existing products and assisted companies and brands with building deeper, lasting relationships with their customers.

Today, experiential marketing is a powerful brand management tool that Tucker/Hall often uses on behalf of our clients. This approach allows potential customers to experience the brand – usually by way of an event designed to focus on a certain lifestyle supported by the brand.

The experience could be as simple as sampling a juice or as elaborate as attending a rock concert. The key is tying the consumer’s experience to your brand. Experiential marketing may not be suitable for every company, but it can provide a very strong tie between your consumers and your product or service. Let us tell you if experiential marketing would be effective for your brand.

Corporate Communications

Our consultants know how to use strong communications strategies to add value to your organization while sharpening your competitive edge. That’s why we are often hired to advise CEOs and other senior managers as they engage in strategic planning that involves one or more forms of communications. To support your business plan, your mission and your firm’s marketing and communications strategies, our account service teams may use many of the following tools.

Communication Audits

Working closely with CEOs, senior communications managers and other decision-makers, we can assess how your target audiences perceive your company. We then are able to provide advice and counsel on how to make communications with various stakeholders more effective. Our advice may be as simple as an audit report on the results of our analysis, or as detailed as a communications plan that can be executed by your in-house staff or in conjunction with Tucker/Hall advisers.

Marketing Strategy

Our counselors can offer creative business solutions based on solid research, strategy development and competitive positioning that will advance your brand, support product sales and define your service to set your business apart from competitors.

Tucker/Hall will analyze your existing approach to marketing and help develop strategies to increase sales. This may involve repositioning your brand, communicating with new audiences or with current customers in new ways, and launching new products or services. We can help your company create or modify target-selective business plans that will make a significant impact on shaping corporate culture. We are also skilled at developing programs that support your branding strategies and sales.


Business-to-business solutions are one of the fastest growing applications in the area of e-commerce. Our teams are skilled at developing targeted strategies, action plans and effective messages that can make the critical difference in establishing a brand awareness for your business-to-business products and services.

 New Product Launches

In an era when more and more products fail every day, a company must be careful to launch products in a prudent way. Through experiential marketing, your product is brought to the public, enabling them to experience what it has to offer. Let Tucker/Hall assist your company with creating memorable brand identification.

Experiential Marketing

Our experts have experience creating innovative, interactive customer experiences for some of the largest US brands.  A cost effective tactic for creating buzz, referrals, and exposure to your products and services within key demographics, groups, and market segments, experiential marketing is the cutting edge for “grassroots” marketing.

Management Consulting

Tucker/Hall specializes in guiding senior executives through complex issues of reputation, growth, and crisis.  For more than 24 years, we have helped major brands through mergers and acquisitions, lawsuits, organizational conflict and changeover, labor and employee issues, workplace violence situation, international product launches, global environmental disasters, new competition and disruptive markets.  Our business is built on tackling the toughest situations any organization can face, and we do it over and over again, for client after client.  This gives our consultants experience in building strategy, identifying best practices and trends, and helping companies cultivate, protect, and grow their corporate cultures and reputations.

Top CEOs, board members, government and organizational leaders rely upon our consultants for counsel and insight.  We provide facilitation and consensus building services, and can bridge across all levels of an organization and provide critical external feedback in changing environments. We help organizations by training, transitioning, supporting internal leadership, by providing external advice and feedback, and providing key corporate strategic research, guidance, and planning.

Are you ready to benefit from the experiences we’ve gained from hundreds of critical and complex situations just like yours?

Media Relations

Rather than blanketing the press with endless news releases, we target appropriate media for each story and use a variety of techniques in communicating with the proper contacts. A media strategy includes newsletters, implementation of news bureaus, editorial board meetings, media tours, Internet activity, preparing video news releases and placement of client-authored columns. We also plan promotional events and press conferences to gain media coverage.

Developing a media strategy involves much more than simply creating a media list and a great story idea. It requires a deep analysis of the current media environment and the reporters covering the client topic. Most importantly, it involves connecting the media objectives and plan back to the client organization’s business plan.

Tucker/Hall offers a number of media training programs for both executives and staff. Media training helps spokespersons become more comfortable and effective in dealing with the press. We often coach client teams to prepare them for new business presentations and other public speaking engagements.

Depending on the need, we can provide the training ourselves, work in conjunction with one of our excellent out-sources or recommend firms providing more specialized training.