Public Involvement

When controversial public issues are debated, groups frequently form to advocate for a particular outcome.  Issues can include infrastructure improvements, new highways and roads, and major commercial or residential development plans. If you find your organization in the middle of one of these public debates, you need a plan to ensure the public understands what you’re doing and why.

Public involvement campaigns involve multiple steps in order to succeed.  You must target multiple segments and interest groups, then work with them to develop a solution that is in everyone’s interest. You must first understand the social, economic, cultural and political impacts of the issue being debated — and develop an approach to involve the public to create the best outcome.

Tucker/Hall offers counseling for corporations and other organizations to develop effective public involvement campaigns.  These campaigns could include grassroots outreach, government relations work, and media relations.  Tucker/Hall team members conduct thorough research, and create actions steps based on this knowledge to help you achieve your goals.

Our specialists have worked with clients across the country who want to accomplish their objectives while working with the public. Many times, controversy can arise simply because of a lack of proper communication between the company and the public.  Tucker/Hall helps clients actively engage its various audiences.  We are always focused on making sure our client’s goals are met, we never disregard public interest in order. Without public involvement, you are potentially putting your communications efforts at risk.

To learn how you can launch your public involvement campaign, contact the associates at Tucker/Hall. We are happy to set aside time to talk to your team and develop a comprehensive strategy to communicate your initiative and develop ways in which your community can be involved with your initiative from the start. We look forward to working with you and your team at Tucker/Hall.