Public Affairs for Florida’s Best Companies

Tucker/Hall is known as a top public affairs management team for Florida corporations and non-government organizations. We practice high-impact strategies to ensure a positive reputation for your company’s public image. Tucker/Hall associates work with you to proactively tie private and public interests together. Working with Tucker/Hall can help protect your brand image from miscommunication.

A dedicated team of Tucker/Hall associates will work with you to understand your challenges. We research the various issues at hand, factor in current trends, and develop with you a plan that can help you navigate your complex issue — without damaging your reputation.

Public affairs issues can cause financial, operating and reputational challenges that can hurt your organization. At Tucker/Hall, we believe those impacts can be minimized, if not avoided by utilizing experience and a well-developed public relations strategy.

When working on a public affairs issue, we typically ask:

  • What are the practices, policies or products that are causing the concerns in the public or with your stakeholders?
  • What type of evidence does the public have that demonstrates their concerns?
  • Are there any underlying issues that we are exacerbating? Can we put our practice, policy or product issue into context?

Based on these questions and many more, Tucker/Hall will work with your executive team to create a strategic plan that is actionable and measureable.  This plan could include media relations, developing grassroots and “grasstops” strategies to reach the public, or a ‘direct to consumer’ model that shares your perspective directly with your various audiences.

Once a plan is created and approved, we typically start with public education. Without proper education, the public (including the media) can form opinions without having all the facts.  Tucker/Hall will help you develop tactics to best share information, and ultimately gain support from your current stakeholders and followers.

Tucker/Hall works with Florida’s top companies to help them manage their complicated communications challenges. Contact us to learn more about developing a public affairs strategy for your company or organization.