Government Relations

Corporations and other organizations frequently need help bridging the gap between public-sector and private-sector interests. Tucker/Hall has a proven track record of using solid research, media relations, public involvement strategies, grassroots and “grass tops” campaigns to help our clients deal with regulatory agencies, elected officials, government policy-makers and concerned interest groups.

In this day and age, special interest groups can activate quickly online and influence those who make public policy.  Tucker/Hall has helped many businesses and non-profit groups successfully resolve conflicts and disputes with dissatisfied stakeholders, potential litigants and concerned interest groups such as neighborhood associations, Internet groups and other special interest associations.

We can help you find the path to successful government relations to achieve your desired outcomes.

Legislation can affect your industry in many ways, so it’s important to advocate for the interests of your company. Tucker/Hall can coordinate with your public affairs team to help you connect and interact with officials, government organizations and policymakers with a clear and concise messages.

State and federal governments spend billions of dollars on private sector supplies and services each year. These contracts are typically bid during an open RFP process.  Our firm can help you put together a high-quality RFP response that will be sure to get the attention of key decision makers.

Tucker/Hall associates are experienced in all sorts of public affairs matters. We can organize and run a high-level communication campaign that develops public interest for your organization’s position.

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