Digital and Social Innovation

The team that developed Twinfluence and other social media analytics sites is now a part of Tucker/Hall.  Our tools, experience, insights are now leveraged for our large corporate clients in the areas of crisis communications, government relations, and reputation/strategic communications.  If your company has need for CEO-level advice and strategy regarding the right mix of mobile, web, social, and digital media, our experts are available to help.  Please visit our Digital Strategies section for more details, or Contact Us to discuss how we can help your company or organization reach and measure its objectives.

Some of our past featured technologies include:

  • Twinfluence: One of the first Twitter Influence ranking sites, that used formal Social Network Analysis algorithms to measure a user’s second order network.  Featured on Mashable, this site had over 50,000 monthly visitors.
  • Twitseeker: A tool for batch-following Twitter users based upon shared interests and content.
  • VidSquid: An analytics platform for ranking and providing real-time (second-by-second) feedback for YouTube videos.
  • WatchFire: An online response dial technology and analytics platform for collecting real-time (second-by-second) feedback on customer videos.  Now in commercial release, this scalable online audience response measurement technology is used for mock jury trials, political messages, and television advertising.
  • Network Insight (SNAFU): An academic social network analysis utility which is used by researchers worldwide, and has been used by the US Army Human Terrain Team.